Bed Room

After getting a dream house, how the rooms of a building should be furnished and decorated is the prime work. There is no doubt that bed room plays an important role in designing your home. Residential interior designing services in Delhi designs Bedroom for couples, individuals, for adults, teens, and children also vary, as different age groups have different needs.

We also help you to choose the right color style, textures, flooring, furniture for your walls and rooms with proper verification by using our experienced designer. Sometimes the bright color of combination disturbs the mind and creates an unhealthy environment. Through our services, you can get so many brilliant ideas to decor and interior design of your room. As your dream, we execute the interior designing.


Living Room

Living room is that place where you can catch your breath after a long tiring day. There is no doubt that Living room is like the first impression for your guest. If you also want to add wow factor in your living room area then you should concern to Edgehomes. We are Living Room Interior Designer in Delhi, to make your living room absolute best. We mainly focus on aspects of simplicity, delicate sophistication and careful use of texture as well as mixture of natural light and warm lighting. We provide you expert interior designer to make your living room most stunning.

There are many living room styles are available in our collections. Our professionals are skilled in interior decoration and perform this service in the best possible manner. Our professional team covers up everything like living room wallpaper to living room furniture arrangement, living room colour schemes, craft ideas and curtain styles. Let’s take a quick look at what the dream living room needs to really shine. Our wall art that you truly love, like photos with some personal meaning or paintings your kids made in class.

Dining Room

Dining room interior design services in Delhi provide you with complete modern or contemporary design for the dining room. The dining room table is an essential piece of your home. The decoration of the dining room can be seen with the help of the selection of the best dining equipment and we help you to transform your dreams into reality. Our Dining room interior design expert helps you to set the paint color and tone for dinner parties as well as family gatherings. Our interior design professional specialized in dining spaces that can help you accomplish flawlessly functional and enticing rooms.

We analyze the requirements, and plan the best layout exclusively for your dining room and set them up for the best possible functionality and space consumption. We have the best contractor and the engineer to organize things to perform best for your necessities. We are providing a good service in Delhi with having the best interior designer technicians to be helpful for a new one or renovating the dining room. We provide you a beautifully unique look to your dining room include the entire necessary decor which will be needed.



If you are looking for a modular kitchen for your house then you should concern with reputed Modular Kitchen Interior Design in Delhi NCR. Get cheap and best modular kitchen, with the best use of the space available for the kitchen and makes it easy for anyone to use that kitchen. By our services, you can get very high quality3D designs of the modular kitchen. We have verities of kitchen designs and types available, all of them are suitable according to the space in the kitchen.

Our designers are experts on how to optimize the space available and they ensure you have enough space to work. We effectively choose the material that is most suited to your Kitchen use. Our professionals make a little gap in the roaming area because more productivity is desired.

We make a design with a good interior space and productive region. You can get Modular Kitchen designs at an affordable price, the designs are awesome and moreover our service is also good. We design Modular kitchens with a practical, manageable, stylish and technical approach. Our aim is to provide personalized interior designs to the clients that go beyond their imagination.


The wardrobe has its own space to cover and move the house. Modular wardrobe designs are having more demand nowadays that match the home decor is more important. If you looking for the best wardrobe quality design then Modular Wardrobe Designs in Delhi is the best option for you. We provide you a variety of contemporary designs from various parts of the world.

We match your color preferences, budget, and size as well as take care of your design choice; wardrobe can be built around according to the available space; and these are available in single, double or three-door styles. As per your requirements, we create a functional and beautiful wardrobe, developed through strict quality standards and manufactured with durable materials, that ensures quality and style for years to come.



If you are looking for the best architecture for interior design to build your home or office space, then you are on right platform to finding an interior designer. Architects and interior designers in Delhi ncr work on customers satisfaction and provide the number of variety of design with 2D/3D elevation drawings, urban designing and structural designing.

We have a strong team of Architectures who are experienced and are dedicated to their work. Our team of creative professionals and understands the essentials of each type of projects. Our team aim is to provide you new design with understanding of the technical desires of the area. Our team of experts is well known for its unique and creative architecture designs.


Bar, Restaurant architecture and interior design services in Delhi provide the best interior designing as well as offer you acknowledged for reliability, flexibility, and endurance. Our team unique ways of interior designing and provide modern solutions, as per customer’s requirements. We design new thoughts with unique and creative ideas. our interior works for the restaurants add that quality that can give you delight as well as sophistication to the café, reception room, discotheques, swimming pools, entertainment zones, bars and many more.

With our services, you can get vast numbers of advantages such as knowledge availability of the resources, professional assessment, perfect planning, and working within the budget and save money.



If you are planning for a new office, then decoration is the first thing that strikes in the mind. If you want to decorate your office and other corporate spaces, then you just contact to Corporate Office Interior Designers in Delhi. We are one of the best offices Interior Designing Company. Edgehomes is the most popular company which provides affordable services to the clients at a cost that can easily fit into the budget and fulfill the requirements of the clients.

We believe that interior design should be highly imaginative and should make you feel good and we proud to say that we provide you high-quality, next-level customized interior design solutions.

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